Art just because

Inspiring Creativity Through
Art and Worship

A Little About Us

Two Are Better Than One

With over 60 years of combined faith and belief it was just natural that we would come together to collaborate on how we could use our gifts and talents to serve others. 



Hello fellow creatives, my name is Stephanie. My husband Randy and I have been married 23 years and we have 4 amazing kids and we now also have our beautiful daughter-in-law. 

I first got into art as a child. My parents owned a machine shop and I went to work with them every day. My Dad could make anything and my Mom was an artist and could make it all beautiful! I had the blessing of learning from both of them. 

Vicki and I met years ago and immediately hit it off! Many things have been leading us to this point and God has opened the doors for us to be able to share this with others. We look forward to encouraging others to share the creativity that God has placed in them.




I like to call myself a simple gal, age and wisdom have softened me. I love this empty nest phase of life. My husband Tim and I have been happily married for 25 years, we are a blended family with 6 kids and 6 grand kids. Life is good!.

I think I have always had some type of art project in the works. Every time I start something new my husband scratches his head and says….”there she goes again”. I’ve attempted to make an afghan when crocheting was in, knitting was fun for a season then there was jewelry making, candle making, painting etc etc.

Art brings me joy and peace. I am so excited to share my love of speaking and teaching with you. I look forward to new friendships and creating lots of fun projects together.  The best is yet to come.